ODE Takes Advantage of New Federal Flexibility

As discussed in this space on Friday, US Department of Education Secretary Arnie Duncan announced an option of a one-year delay for states in implementing the requirement that student performance on state assessments be one of the components of teacher and administrator evaluations in states that had waivers of certain provision of the No Child Left Behind Act. Oregon is one of the waiver states. We indicated last week that this might be an opportunity for Oregon to continue to develop its implementation of the Oregon Matrix Model, the new statewide teacher and administrator system, and provide additional time for local districts to develop procedures for incorporating student assessment data as one of the multiple measures used in the evaluation process. Here is more information on the Oregon Matrix Model: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=3637.

The Oregon Department of Education, taking advantage of the new federal flexibility, announced this morning that local districts “do not need to use statewide summative assessment results in educator evaluations this school year.” Here is a link to the announcement from ODE.


A copy of the announcement is attached below.

Districts in Oregon will be asked to focus on alternate local assessments, either locally developed or using commercially prepared assessments, to determine student growth as a component of employee evaluations. These are known as “Category 2 assessments” in the Oregon Matrix Model. This provides additional time, which many districts had been seeking, to refine how state student performance data is incorporated into the new Oregon model. Districts can benefit from this extra time to work with their employee organizations and administrators in developing their local procedures.

Patrick Burk, Ph.D.
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy

ODE Announcement Aug 25 Evaluation Data.docx


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