Deputy Superintendent Saxton’s Statement on Special Session

Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton released a statement this morning commenting on the results of the three-day special session concluded yesterday. Read below:

Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton Statement on New Education Funding 

“Yesterday, during their special session, the Oregon Legislature approved an additional $100 million in funding for Oregon’s public K-12 schools.  For our districts, this will mean a longer school year, reduced class sizes, or increased instructional opportunities for our kids.  $100 million equates to 500 additional teachers or 2.5 additional school days for the entire state.  These are investments that will directly impact student learning and outcomes, and I want to thank our Governor and our Legislators for their dedication in pushing for these funds and making this additional investment a reality.
“In addition to allocating more dollars to our schools, the Legislature also tackled PERS reform.  While I know that changes to the retirement system are always complex and controversial, I also know that this was work that needed to be done.  These reforms will allow our districts to focus precious resources on the things that most directly impact student learning – extended classroom time, high quality teachers, and proven instructional programs.
“Again, I want to thank our Governor and Legislators for their leadership.  Thanks to their commitment to reinvesting in education, we now have an education budget that I don’t think anyone would have believed possible six months ago.  A state schools budget of $6.65 billion truly is an historic reinvestment in our schools. It is now up to us as educational leaders to make the best possible use of these critical funds to improve outcomes for our students and move our state closer to 40-40-20.”

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