Special Session Information

Activity heading toward Monday’s Special Session of the Oregon Legislature has been intense. Hearings on the proposed measures were held yesterday, and will be continued today. The session opens Monday.

The first stage of the legislative process in to put the proposed changes in state law into a "Legislative Concept" form, better known as an LC. Below is a list of the five LCs that will be before the Oregon Legislature on Monday.

Specific texts of the LC’s are being released as quickly as possible. I have provided links below to the latest release of information provided for yesterday’s public hearing and today’s public hearing. This includes draft language for the LC’s. More information is likely to be released today, over the weekend and Monday.

Legislative Concept 1 – Public Employee Retirement System – Cost of Living Adjustments
Legislative Concept 2 – Public Employee Retirement System
Legislative Concept 3 – Revenue and Small Business Tax Cut
Legislative Concept 4 – Budget Appropriation
Legislative Concept 5 – Preemption of Local Laws Regulating Agriculture

Information on LC 1 and LC 2 are now available at: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013I1/Committees/JSS/2013-09-26-14-15/MeetingMaterials

Information about LC 3 and LC 4 are now available at: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013I1/Committees/JSS/2013-09-27-09-00/MeetingMaterials

At these sites you can find the agenda for the public hearings yesterday and today, as well as, draft language, various analyses provided to the Joint Committee on Special Session, and submitted public testimony.


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