A blog about preK-20 education policy and its impact on the community.

The Graduate School of Education is pleased to launch this new Education Policy blog to focus on issues that impact education in the state of Oregon. Our intent is to bring to the attention of readers national, state, and local policy initiatives and to explain how those initiatives may impact education of Oregon students from prekindergarten through graduate school.

Heading this blog will be Dr. Pat Burk, Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education. Dr. Burk is very well known and respected throughout Oregon for his vast knowledge of Oregon education policy. He has been in Oregon education for over 35 years in a variety of roles including school principal, Deputy Superintendent in Portland Public Schools, and Chief Policy Officer for the Oregon Department of Education. In 2007 the Oregon Confederation of School Administrators presented him the President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education. In recent years he has done an amazing job of keeping many of us informed and connected through email messages and twitter. It is a natural and significant next step for him to continue to enlighten us via this blog.

Education is more important than ever and if we are to reach or goal of 40/40/20 in Oregon, we must develop policies to create a more effective education system than we have ever known; one that will prepare students to succeed in a future we can only imagine. Thoughtful analyses of policy recommendations and implementation are necessary if we are to be successful. Portland State University’s Graduate School of Education is pleased to contribute to the conversation in many ways, including this blog.

Though Dr. Burk will be the primary author of most blog posts, he will also seek contributions from other GSE faculty members, alumni, and friends. If you have an idea you would like to share, please feel free to contact Dr. Burk at burk@pdx.edu. Of course, we also welcome and encourage comment on any of the blog posts.


One thought on “A blog about preK-20 education policy and its impact on the community.

  1. I suppose it seems out of place to talk about parents and what they do in the first 5 years. But that’s where it starts. Does the school of education ever address the problems of what happens at home in the first five years?

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